Tank automation using ic 555 timer.

Manually on/off the water pump is very boring and frustrating work to do. Many time when we forget to turn off the water pump lots of water waste. So in this project, we learn how to make an automatic motor starter which automatically starts the motor when no water in the tank and automatically turn off the motor when tank filled full.

Parts list

1N4007 Diode___(01)
BC547 Transistor___(01)
100uF Capacitor___(01)      
SPST Relay___(01)                            
1K Resistor___(03)      
100K Resistor___(02) 
470 Resistor___(01)  
Power supply 12V    

Circuit diagram     

fig.1 circuit diagram

This circuit works on a 12V power adapter. As shown in fig tank high and tank low fitted in the tank via telephone line wire.The end that touch water in the tank is made out of non-corrosive metal. The sensor installation in the overhead tank is given below.

fig.2 Sensor installation in the overhead tank.


As shown in circuit diagram resistor R3 and R4 keeps pin 2 and 6 of ic to logic 0 when water is not contacted with the sensor. When the water falls below Tank low ic triggered through pin 2 and turns on the motor through the relay and start filling the tank when water surface reaches at Tank high sensor which triggers the ic through pin 6 and turns the motor off via a relay. As the water consumed and goes below sensor Tank high motor still stay turn off because of SR flip-flop inside the ic. And as the water goes below Tank low Again the cycle repeats.                  


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