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How to make a car battery charger. Here is a simple battery charger circuit, the one that can be used to charge a 12-volt battery as well as the maintenance-free lead acid type battery. The charger describe is quite compact and place anywhere over the battery. In the event of your car battery misbehaving or becoming weak, what you required in addition to this gadget is 230 V mains power which anywhere easily available. The gadget also provides you to the metering of both voltage and current during the charging process so you can easily understand the status of the battery. Circuit diagram
Parts list R1                            :202K,1/4W C1                            :1000uF,25V (Electrolytic) C2,C3                      :0.1uF (Ceramic disc)
Diode D1-5             :1N4007
IC-1                         : 7812 voltage regulator
LED-1                     :LED(Any colour)
Transformer T-1      :0-15V

Voltage regulator IC
Voltage source in the circuit may not provide fix output to a circu…
How to make automatic night light without a relay. Here is an extremely simple circuit consisting of just four essential component to building a fully automatic self-sensing night light.
Circuit diagram Fig.1 circuit diagram

Parts list R1          : 10M,1/2W (Carbon Film) LDR 
SCR       :  Any 2A 600V SCR such as OE206, SN206, 2N 2601, TY 6004
Triac      : Any 2A,600V Triac such as SPT 6M,2N 5757
Lamp     : any 60W or less wattage lamp
S-1        : SPST Switch
S-2        : DPDT Switch

Circuit working The circuit description is straightforward once operation principle of SCR and Triac are clearly understood.

What is SCR?
We know that SCR is three terminal device with anode, cathode and gate terminal. It behaves like a switch as long as the anode-cathode voltage is less than the breakdown voltage of SCR it behaves like an open switch. When the anode-cathode voltage exceeds the breakdown voltage of SCR it behaves like a closed switch. It can also be made behave like a closed switch for…
Home automation using ir remote.

Here in this project, we learn how to make ir remote control light using Arduino and TSOP1838 sensor.
Basic concept When we press any switch on remote the remoter it triggers the internal ic of remote and produces some certain frequency at the output pin. We need to transfer this data through any channel. In ir remote we transfer this data through ir led which receive ir reiver. This received data decoded by another ic and it changes the volume or etc. This way all IR remote works. Different receiving ic having there owned working frequency. Here we use TSOP1838 which work on 38khz frequency. For more information refer to the datasheet of it. The block diagram of ic working is given below.
fig.1 Block diagram of TSOP1838
Circuit diagram

fig.2 Circuit diagram
Parts list Arduino uno___(01) TSOP1838T sensor___(01) 10Kohm resistor___(04) 470ohm resistor___(04) 12V,220V SPST Relay___(04) BC547 Transistor___(04) Red LED___(04) 12V Power adapter___(01)
Tank automation using ic 555 timer. Manually on/off the water pump is very boring and frustrating work to do. Many time when we forget to turn off the water pump lots of water waste. So in this project, we learn how to make an automatic motor starter which automatically starts the motor when no water in the tank and automatically turn off the motor when tank filled full.
Parts list 1N4007 Diode___(01) BC547 Transistor___(01) 100uF Capacitor___(01)       SPST Relay___(01)                             1K Resistor___(03)       100K Resistor___(02)  470 Resistor___(01)   LED___(01) Power supply 12V    
Circuit diagram      fig.1 circuit diagram
This circuit works on a 12V power adapter. As shown in fig tank high and tank low fitted in the tank via telephone line wire.The end that touch water in the tank is made out of non-corrosive metal. The sensor installation in the overhead tank is given below.

fig.2 Sensor installation in the overhead tank.
Concept As shown in circuit diagram resistor…