How to make Arduino based multimeter.

In this project, we learn how to make Arduino based multimeter which is able to check diode, MOSFET, transistor, led, capacitor, inductor etc.This meter also able to generate frequency, PWM signal and many more. The circuit diagram is very simple it only uses a few components. The parts list is given below.

Parts list
  • arduino Uno or any similar atmega328p based development board
  • 680-ohm resistor___(03)
  • 470K resistor___(03)
  • 100-ohm resistor___(01)
  • 1K ohm resistor___(01)
  • push button
  • LCD 16*2 module
  • breadboard and few jumper cable
The circuit diagram for the project is here.
The code for this project is available here.
We can't burn this code using Arduino ide because code formate is in hex form so we need to burn using avr dude or any other hex code uploader.


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