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Tachometer using Arduino.                 A tachometer is a device which counts numbers of rotation per minute or seconds. In this project, we can't use any mechanical device to count device rotation we use an IR sensor to know rotation. This IR sensor feed data in Arduino and Arduino count RPM or RPS.For this project when we press push button rpm meter to start counting rpm for a few seconds and then display on LCD module. Circuit diagram for tachometer is given below.

Parts list Arduino uno___(01) Lcd module 16*2___(01) IR module___(01) 10Kohm Resistor___(01) 100ohm Resistor___(01)
                           This tachometer is working on the principle of light reflection principal. we went to set up one white sticker on the surface to reflect light on ir receiver. When the light reflects ir module pin goes high so one revolution is noted in Arduino this way using interrupts and millis function we able to determine rpm of any revolving things. Here as shown in diagram output of ir…
                How to make Bluetooth control Arduino car.
Controlling a car with Bluetooth is fun to do that. Instead of bluetooth module you can use any wireless wifi module but code is littlebit diffrent. So let's build it. Component requirement. Arduino board___(01) L293D motor driver module___(01) Dc gear motor 150RPM___(02) Hc-05 bluetooth module___(01) Wheels___(02) Chassis___(01) Some jumper wires Circuit diagram. Arduino code for the project.#include <SoftwareSerial.h> SoftwareSerial BTSerial(8, 9); //pin 8 -- BT Tx; 9 -- BT Rx int m21 = 5; int m22 = 4; int m11 = 7; int m12 = 6; char state;
void setup()  {   pinMode(m11, OUTPUT);  // Digital pin 10 set as output Pin pinMode(m12, OUTPUT);  // Digital pin 11 set as output Pin pinMode(m21, OUTPUT);  // Digital pin 12 set as output Pin pinMode(m22, OUTPUT);  // Digital pin 13 set as output Pin Serial.begin(9600); BTSerial.begin(9600); }
void loop() {   while (BTSerial.available() > 0)   {   state =;   Serial.println(state);   …
How to make ic 555 timer based PWM signal generator.
PMW(pulse width modulation) is an important feature of today's microcontroller. Using PWM we can effectively control motor, led or any other load. In this project, we generate a PWM signal without any microcontroller. Instead of any microcontroller, we use 555 timer ic.
Parts list 555 timer ic___(01)LED___(01)9V battry___(01)0.01uF capacitor___(01)1K Resistor___(01)10K Resistor___(01)100K Pot(variable resistor)___(01)What is PWM. PWM is a square wave with logic1(+5V) and logic0(0V) with a different time duration in each logic level which is called as a duty cycle. The duty cycle of the PWM signal. As shown is image duty cycle is a percentage of time in with amplitude of signal goes high. The signal gives the highest voltage on 100% duty cycle and gives 0V at 0% duty cycle.
                                        Turn ON time Duty cycle   =   ----------------------------------------                            (Turn ON time+Turn OFF…
How to make Arduino based multimeter. In this project, we learn how to make Arduino based multimeter which is able to check diode, MOSFET, transistor, led, capacitor, inductor etc.This meter also able to generate frequency, PWM signal and many more. The circuit diagram is very simple it only uses a few components. The parts list is given below.
Parts list arduino Uno or any similar atmega328p based development board680-ohm resistor___(03)470K resistor___(03)100-ohm resistor___(01)1K ohm resistor___(01)push buttonLCD 16*2 modulebreadboard and few jumper cable The circuit diagram for the project is here. The code for this project is available here. We can't burn this code using Arduino ide because code formate is in hex form so we need to burn using avr dude or any other hex code uploader.